Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst – Still want to play online?

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As some of you know, PSO: BB’s servers are going to shutdown. Most players still want to play PSO: BB online and that, lady’s and gentlemen is still possible! With the help of ‘Schthack’, which is basicly a private server, but since the SEGA servers will or already shutdown this is the only way to play it online. It’s been growing lately, so it’s very easy to find a party now. You can also play PSO DC (DreamCast), PSO GC (GameCube) and PSO PC. Come and join the community at:!

Instructions on how to play:

First: Download PSO: BB at
Second: Go to: and download: ‘Japanese Item patch’ and ‘Episode 4 Offline Mode patch’.
Third: Put the files above in the right directory (or if it’s a patcher, just click on it and it will do that automaticly).
Fourth: Go to: to register an account.
Fifth: You’re ready to go! Have fun!
If you want to play PSO DC, PSO GC or PSO PC, take a look at and!
You can find me under the names: ‘Ryu’, ‘Cho’ and ‘Yoshihiro’. (without the ”) 


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